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Welcome to Pescadero

An historic-illustration of downtown Pescadero, CA in 1878.

Nestled in the coastal region of San Mateo County, Pescadero boasts a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1856. Previously inhabited by the Ramaytush people, it served as their prime hunting and fishing ground. Over time, Pescadero transformed into a haven for farmers, ranchers, fishermen, and lumberjacks. Eventually, it became a sought-after vacation spot, just a day's stagecoach ride from San Francisco.

Today, Pescadero continues to thrive with a diverse population, blending agriculture with a vibrant community spirit. Its small-town charm attracts both Bay Area weekenders seeking a break from city life and locals appreciative of the friendly atmosphere.

Adding to the allure is Madrone Arts, a vibrant presence since December 2023, and surrounded by the highest concentration of artists on the Northern California Coast. Our gallery not only connects collectors with local talent but also engages the community through workshops and special events. Whether you're here for art or the small-town experience, we encourage you to explore the magic of Pescadero and all it has to offer.

Gaia Essentials: Turn right as you exit our front door and find a charming cottage offering handmade pure botanical skin therapy and small gifts.

→ Harley Farms: On 205 North Street, find this farmstead dairy that produces award-winning cheeses, goat-milk body products, and paints.

→ Duartes Tavern: Serving as the town's local pub since 1894, enjoy a bowl of their comforting artichoke soup or some locally caught fish and vegetables grown from their adjoining garden.

→ LunaSea: Walk north on Stage to find this beautiful reclaimed wood building full of crafty gifts, cards, and lively home décor.

→ Mercado & Taqueria de Amigos: Adjacent to the town gas station, this taqueria is another favorite local destination for consistently delicious and authentic Mexican cuisine.

→ Arcangeli Grocery: Known for their Artichoke Herb Bread served straight and hot from the oven, they also offer a selection of wine, various groceries, and delicious sandwiches to go. Check out the picnic tables behind the store to enjoy your treats.

→ Libby Patterson Organics and Tom Shuman Pottery: Be sure to check out these tiny-house style shops right before you reach Arcangeli.

→ Scrub Jay Cycles: A full-service bike repair and sales shop located just behind our building.

→ Topia Antiques: Right next to Scrub Jay Cycles (follow the driveway to the back of our building) is full of unique treasures to gift yourself or a special friend.

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