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There are two ways to participate in our co-op activities: as an artist member or as a consignee artist. At this time our membership is closed, but we are considering applications from non-member local artists to share our Pescadero gallery space, on a contractual basis.

As a Consignee Artist, we will select a few limited pieces from you on a consignment basis to show in the gallery for a defined period of time.  With a goal to showcase active and practicing local artists, the question we often ask during show consideration is "What is being said with the art?" 

The co-op will have artist receptions every quarter, to both introduce and celebrate consignee artists as well as new work created by our members. By agreeing to show your art at Madrone Arts, you will be encouraged to participate in these receptions and invite guests through your social media accounts.

If you are interested in being a Consignee Artist at Madrone Arts, please click on the button below and tell us about you and your work by filling out and submitting the form.

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